Meet My Projects



A free to use library administration system webapplication.

It is created in: AngularJS, .NET Core, and SQL Server. (Only in Hungarian)


A desktop application for hungarian schools for timetable generation.

Spongyarend is implementing multiple excel import from hungarian school administration system, KRÉTA, to help the users with the data-transformation. It is also implemeting an export format for the same system.

It is created solely in C#. (Only in Hungarian)



An online feature, currently in development, that gathers online press releases about added keywords.

The prime example and POC for this is created for the hungarian (joke)party, MKKP, which gathers the informations from the internet regarding a couple keywords relevant to the owners. This POC is titled Kétfarkú sajtófigyelés.

It is created in multiple online languages.

Rendkívüli Ügyek Minisztériuma

A site for a hungarian joke-party, where users can send problems they found in the country.

It is a personal version of, based on the needs of the party.

It is created in php, mysql, and jquery, using Google Maps API.